“We pride ourselves, not only in prepress, but in the whole of Yorkshire Web, in good customer relations, quality and reliability.”

Adrian Sanger,
Prepress Manager

Our prepress department has changed significantly over the last decade. Technology has greatly improved the speed, consistency and reliability of throughput.

We only invested in Computer to Plate (CtP) when the time was right. We use a Kodak thermal imaging device which gives us a hard dot image - this allows us to output at 133 lpi as opposed to the conventional 100 lpi giving a much more continuous tone of the pictures.

Undercolour Removal is another product that has proved invaluable. This reduces the amount of ink in the cyan, magnenta and yellow in the 'black' area of pictures and increases the black, giving the image a much more contrasted appearance, reducing the rub-off and helping the environment by reducing the amount of ink used.

Speedflow (pdf checking software) finds and corrects any anomalies, converts the text to lines, embeds missing fonts and flattens the pdf, making it 100% accurate on output.

We proof out colour pages using Reelcolour. It takes the ripped file that will be produced on plate and prints out (using readings taken from our press) an accurate proof the press can work to. This ensures constant masthead colour not just for the issue on press, but for each issue time and again.

For prepress technical advice contact us by phone on 01226 734500/734501 or via email: