The Press

the press

Over the last 10 years, the pressroom equipment has changed from being a manual operation to a more automated and computerised skill. These additions have significantly enhanced the quality of print.

Investment in colour towers, spray dampening, colour registration and preset inking systems are some of the ways technology has hugely enhanced the quality of Yorkshire Web's printing.

Baldwin Spray Dampening minimizes the amount of water used, enabling cleaner copies more quickly and maintaining cleaner images throughout the run.

Qi Colour Registration Cameras have been attached to each tower. These cameras monitor a tiny dot matrix pattern on each page. The 4 colours that are used to print (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) are pulled into register far more quickly and efficiently than can be achieved by the naked eye. The cameras then monitor the dot matrix pattern and any movement in the newsprint is adjusted instantly.

EPG Keycolour software uses tiff files relative to the plates taken from prepress. It calculates how much ink is needed for each tower; a series of 192 keys on each tower are then instantly adjusted to give optimum ink levels for each page, again giving precise colour more quickly and with more consistency.

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